Monthly Archives: December 2014

How to Build Map Containers Faster with PTL for .NET

The last video in our Parallel Template Library (PTL) video series (.NET Sorted Dictionary vs. PTL Map32 – Add, Item & Remove Functions) demonstrated the performance of the insertion method of PTL’s map container for large data sets by comparing it to the equivalent .NET container. In our latest video, “How to Build Map Containers Faster with PTL for .NET,” we show how you can improve the performance even more by using pre-sorted elements when building a map.

The PTL Containers component for .NET and Java offers powerful data containers that have been optimized for parallelism and for large data sets, such as the Map containers that we demonstrate in this video. We compare the Insert and PushBack methods from PTL’s Map64 container to the equivalent Add method from the .NET SortedDictionary on a system with a quad-core processor and 32 GB of memory.

A map is a variable-sized collection of (key, value) pairs. Its primary usage is the efficient retrieval of elements (or values) based on their associated keys. It also implements the insertion and removal of elements very efficiently.


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