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Parallel Template Library (PTL) for .NET and Java Overview (Video)

We’ve been working on a new video series to showcase our Parallel Template Library (PTL), which is a generic and parallel programming library for .NET and Java. Our first video gives an overview of PTL’s strengths and innovations:

Parallel Template Library (PTL) simplifies parallel performance for .NET and Java developers. We developed PTL for software developers who don’t have the time or resources to become parallel programming experts but who still want to take advantage of parallelism and multicore processors to improve the performance of their existing applications. We understand that not everyone will be as passionate about parallel programming as we are, but we strongly believe that it should be used more often to take advantage of modern hardware.

Often, expert software developers focus only on obtaining more performance, and parallel programming solutions are still too complex for the majority of developers. PTL achieves high performance parallelism while still being generic and easy to use.


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