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Progeneric's mission is to deliver "Better by Design" software products and services that make the difficult tasks of generic and parallel programming much easier for mainstream software developers. The majority of today's software applications do not fully or efficiently use the underlying hardware, and we strive to help developers achieve maximum performance for the current system.

Our company motto, Better by Design, summarizes our aspirations. We achieve outstanding performance through innovative software design techniques, which result in software products that are easy to use, reliable and very fast. We continually strive to release software products that we are very proud of and that don't compromise the integrity of their underlying design.

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Progeneric Team

Constantin Tivis's Picture

Constantin Tivis

President and Director of Engineering


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Constantin founded Progeneric and oversees Progeneric's strategic direction. He is very involved in all business and technical aspects of Progeneric. Constantin is based in Madison, WI.

Constantin has over thirty years of experience architecting, developing, and testing high-quality software for mission-critical applications (avionics - FAA level A, medical equipment - FDA class III). He also has deep knowledge of generic and parallel programming and has been very passionate about software engineering throughout his entire career.

Constantin was born and raised in Romania, and he escaped from the communist country in 1989 in search of a better life in the U.S. You can read the amazing story of how Constantin left Romania in his blog post: How I Escaped Communism for a Better Life.

Madalina Miskoski's Picture

Madalina Miskoski

Product Development


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Madalina leads the engineering and marketing efforts for Progeneric's Parallel Template Library (PTL). She is based in Madison, WI.

Madalina is Constantin's daughter and followed in his footsteps to become a software engineer. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where she became an avid Badger fan.

After graduation, she spent two years as a Software Engineer for IBM in San Jose, CA where she worked on a global test team to simulate a customer’s supply chain and test the tracking and analysis software for an RFID tracking system. Later, her passion to learn more about all aspects of a business drove her to pursue Progeneric with Constantin.

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Sebastian Tivis

Product Development


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Sebastian assists with both engineering and marketing efforts for Progeneric's Parallel Template Library (PTL). He is based in Madison, WI.

Sebastian is Constantin's son and is also following in his footsteps to become a software engineer. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and is currently enrolled in Computer Sciences courses there to continue his education.

Sebastian has also worked as a Technical Support Specialist for IBM in Dubuque, Iowa. In addition to technology, Sebastian is also passionate about music, art, and film and is continually educating his more technically-driven family about these areas.